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Many people contact us and just ask for a price for services. 

Each job is done on its individual merits and priced in 1/2 day, full day or multiple day rates, however before we can do that we need to explain what information we require before quoting on a project and the process which accompanies it.

 At the outset we need to know the following:

  • BRIEF – Ideally we require a full creative brief of what the client is looking to achieve and whether or not their expectations are possible and indeed safe and legal with regards to the restrictions places upon us by the IAA.
  • LOCATION – ideally the exact location and Eircode if available where you want the job to take place. If this is undetermined at this stage we need to know if you are wishing to fly in an urban or rural environment
  • PROPOSED DATE – firstly we need to ascertain if we are free to do the job and then secondly we may have to look into any additional factors which may need to be factored into flying on that date.
  • SUBJECT – what do you want us to deliver? Aerial Photos / Video or Orthomosaic Maps etc.

Once the above have been ascertained we can advise if the job is possible from a permissions point of view.

Drone Services Ireland will then begin its Pre-Flight Survey and Risk Assessment looking into the area where the job is meant to be taking place to see if there are any other factors or permissions which need to be considered. Air Traffic Control permission is often required in major cities but this should not put you off, we will take care of that, and co-ordinate flight plans with ATC.


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