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About Us at Drone Services Ireland

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About Us – Why we started operating commercially.

Drone Services Ireland was established in 2016 to meet the needs of the growing drone industry in Ireland. The uses of drones are wide and varied. New ways to innovate are developed every day in this rapidly expanding sector. Drone Services Ireland is focused on these expanding sectors. In industries such as Construction, drone mapping is used to perform manual tasks and provide a safer workplace. 

The advances in sensors and cameras, referred to as payload, are rapidly changing. New technology is released almost weekly. This ever-changing industry enhances the functionality of drones in modern business. It is our mission to help customers to develop their businesses. Expanding the business with drone technology at the core to improve productivity. Improved decision-making and increased co-worker safety are some of the key benefits.

Drones can save lives by taking workers out of harm’s way. Where once they needed to climb scaffolding, now a drone can be the eye in the sky without the risk. There are hundreds of use cases, and new and innovative ways are developed every day. Drones can do dangerous tasks that humans currently do at significant risk.

Due to our experience with complex sensors, drones and missions, we often operate drones for other organisations. We provide the piloting skills and expertise to complete some of the most complex operations.

We provide services that make the most of drone technology. Sometimes, we can go where helicopters and manned aircraft can’t. Due to the smaller footprint of drones, we can safely interact with manned aircraft and get the job done.

We work with the Irish Aviation Authority to provide the most professional drone services in Ireland.

If you are interested in finding out about us and what we do with drones, we regularly update our blog with details of some of our more unusual work. There is never a dull moment in this rapidly growing industry, and Drone Services Ireland is at the top of the list of experienced companies and operators in the country.

With the new EASA regulations in 2021, Drone Services Ireland operates in the Open and Specific Categories and has attained a SORA for our Specific Category operations. This allows us to operate our larger M300 drones in urban areas safely and in compliance with these regulations.

About Us - Drones in Construction


Safe flight and missions are our primary concerns.

There are many positives to drone use and risks that need consideration. 

Drone Services Ireland is an EASA-approved Specific Category Operator.

We carry 13 million public liability insurance for drone operations and 13 million employers’ liability. The flight mission is just a part of the job. Site surveys, risk assessment and planning also play a significant part.

Air Traffic Control (ATC) approval may be required depending on location. This is particularly true when operating in or around major cities.

We have completed SafePass training for work on construction sites. We also have manual handling and working at heights certificates, all available upon request. 

About Us – Drone Industry Experience

We have been an integral part of the drone industry for many years. Our work on organisations such as the UAAI and IPDPA has shown our passion for this industry. We are committed to growing the drone industry and ensuring people get the most from the tremendous benefits drones can bring. Many see drones as a nuisance; however biased we may be, we see people’s lives being saved through search and rescue, medical deliveries, surveys, and inspection of dangerous terrain and critical assets. 
We are always happy to discuss drones and uncrewed technology.