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The Growth of Drones/UAVs in the Insurance

The insurance industry is always one of the first to adapt to technological changes. Many companies are now using drones for insurance inspections. Firms constantly strive to speed up processes and reduce costs, as any good business should. That is why drones are growing in insurance, one of the fastest-growing sectors.

roof-inspection-with-annotations-dublin-irelandDrones can quickly and safely access areas of structures that are locked in or inaccessible without expensive scaffolding or hoists. They also reduce the risk of working at height and take inspectors down from dangerous positions until they are essential. 

When licensed operators are used, jobs are correctly planned, risk-assessed, and executed when safe in a legal and compliant manner.

Rapid technology development in the drone sector brings new drones and sensors to market rapidly. We recently completed an environmental survey 1/2 kilometre from the location and still obtained the required results. We have demonstrated using the same technology to access even the most challenging locations. In articles such as this one by Deloitte, you can see why Insurance companies are keen to adopt this rapidly growing technology to assist with claims management. 

Ways where Drone assist in insurance:

  • Pre-cover assessment, insurers can use 4K video, high-resolution images or 3D models to assess risks
  • Speed of inspection and deliverables can cover many properties in a day
  • Claims assessors’ safety is improved
  • For significant events, drones can show the extent of damage, even allowing the insurance company to decide the level of resources required to manage the claims.
  • Speed of claims improvement
  • Significant reduction in the cost of a claim due to efficiencies in data capture and analysis

In the case of older houses or period ones, ladders are not an option, and in built-up areas, this can be even less of a choice. Terraced houses and commercial properties are locked in on both sides, making the inspection time-consuming, costly and sometimes hazardous.

If you need assistance with insurance claims, we are here to help. We look after the IAA and regulatory compliance to provide the data you need. We will discuss the brief with you, or if you have engaged any third parties, we will work with them and give you the results and evidence you need.

Results presented in multiple

  • Web Inspection platform that allows comments, annotations and report generation.
  • Images and video electronically delivered
  • Map generated and exported for client software products
  • PDF report with defects and annotations of issues visually observed

Drone Services Ireland has the H20 and H20T (Thermal) payload sensors and a 23-times optical zoom lens in our fleet. We are the leading providers in Ireland with this equipment, providing unrivalled image capture. We also have the highest resolution camera on a drone in Ireland to allow us to provide the greatest level of detail possible. Along with smaller drones for different situations, the optical zoom on modern drones allows for more detail to be captured and a safer operation.