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Our Drone Equipment - What we use day to day

We use drone equipment and sensors from the leading manufacturers of Drone and UAV equipment, sensors and accessories worldwide.

Buying a drone is only the start of the journey. To give your clients what they need takes time and effort to research the areas of growth and potential for drones. What do clients need? What sensors can deliver that for them? What drone is capable of carrying that sensor?

We have spent years building up an industry-leading fleet of drone equipment, complimented by the top-rated sensors on the market. Manufacturers such as DJI, Micasense, UGCS, Topodrone and Emlid all make up the equipment we use daily. UGCS is the top mission planning and execution software on the market for autonomous flight. 

We have recently adopted the strategy of having the DJI M300 RTK as the backbone of our business. We have invested in multiple airframes and batteries, giving us the flexibility to complete the bigger, more complex operations. This allows us standardise our drone equipment, having more of the same type of batteries and redundant airframes in the event of maintenance or service outages. 

Regular maintenance, outside of pre and post flight checks is essential to ensuring safe operations and continuing to build our reputation within the drone industry. We have procedures for this in place as part of our standard operations, and adhering to these is key to success in the commercial drone world.

Processing the data takes considerable computing power and a lot of storage. This is often overlooked by operators entering into the commercial drone industry. Software licenses can run from hundreds to tens of thousands for specialised software. Drone datasets can quickly run into the 100’s of Gigabytes of raw data, which needs to be stored, processed, and managed for the client. 

Using our IT background, we have custom-built multiple workstation PCs and keep 100 terabytes of network storage on-site.

Due to changes in drone regulations, we, as Specific Category Operators, are required to utilise Flight Termination Systems and Parachutes on our drones as a method of risk mitigation. All Specific Category Operators should be using these methods on their drones,standar

dji phantom 4

The Phantom 4 RTK is a professional survey drone used for mapping and aerial surveys. The Dual GNSS with NTRIP can provide 2cm X/Y accuracy for survey-grade results.

mavic 3 cine

The Mavic 3 cine allows for capturing up to 5.2K footage in a professional aerial cinema platform. The latest in technology from the world’s biggest drone manufacturer is at the top of the range for TV and Cinema aerial footage.

dji h30t

The DJI H20T is an enterprise-class 23 X optical zoom camera designed for inspections at a safe distance. You can also get extra detail and focus on the smallest detail. The sensor also includes a 640×512 thermal and laser range finder with a 1200m range.

dji m300 drone equipment

The DJI M300 is the flagship Enterprise drone from the world’s leading manufacturer. High-performance motors paired with 21-inch propellers ensure stable flight in strong winds.

The new hot-swap dual-battery power system automatically heats batteries when flying in sub-zero temperatures and allows for faster battery changes for more efficient flights. An enclosed design ensures weather and water resistance so you can fly in various environments.

Drone Services Ireland Mavic 3 Enterprise

The Mavic 3 Enterprise is our current go-to for quick site overview jobs. The superb flight time and 20MP camera are ideal for mapping. Combining RTK with autonomous apps, it’s the perfect blend of data capture and flight endurance for small to mid-size jobs.

Micasense Altum Payload

The Micasense Altum contains six sensors for agricultural mapping. Multispectral data can help analyse crop health and distressed areas.