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Drones In Construction

The use of Drones in Construction

The construction industry isDrones in Construction Aerial Image predicted to be the number one growth area for the use of drones this decade.

Whether doing a one-off house, or new development, drones have many advantages you can leverage. Many construction companies started by doing work in-house, giving the responsibility of capturing site images to a project manager or someone from the site which was familiar with drones. 

This is, however, changing as regulations mean they can no longer operate in this manner. Companies can fall foul of the HSA through non-compliant use of drones, as well as the IAA

Uncrewed aerial vehicles or drones can capture data, not just images. This drone data can save money and time while providing project managers with real-time information. Construction companies worldwide are leveraging drone technology on all construction projects now. 

Digital Aerial Surveys are in significant demand, and the number of professional drone operators that can provide them is smaller than ever. Regulatory changes have changed how many drone operators can legally capture the data needed. We have attained an EASA Specific Category SORA allowing us to fly where others cannot. 

What can drones in construction do for you?

Before breaking ground, drones can play a vital part in the planning process of new development. 360-degree panoramas and CGI can provide all aid with planning applications and approvals. An aerial perspective delivers critical data throughout your project that can aid decision-making and improve project timelines.

Traditional Surveys vs Aerial Surveys

Traditional survey of sites is slow, laborious and dangerous, Requiring boots on the ground, stopping construction traffic, and putting workers at risk. Incorporating drones into your workflow can significantly speed up this process. Project and site managers can extract valuable information with detailed, ortho-rectified site maps. Site elevations give vital information for planning, such as flood prevention. 

road survey using droneDrones can capture imagery from specific heights to aid planning applications, give line-of-sight between structures and provide CGI for design from new and unique angles. 

Regular aerial surveys during construction can have tremendous benefits. Scheduling of tasks can be optimised, purchasing waste is eliminated, and stockpiles can quickly be surveyed and measured. A complete site view can yield savings and productivity improvements in the workflow. 


Drone Deliverables – what can they do for your project?

We produce 3D models, point clouds, topographical maps, site contours, point grids and volumetric measurements. All of these can integrate into your existing software applications. Through continuous aerial surveys, we can compare surface models to highlight cut and fill from even the most minor changes on site. 

One significant benefit that drones bring to a construction site is safety. Getting these calculations with machinery operational can have a considerable impact. Surveyors are not in harm’s way, and a site shutdown is not required. 

digital surface model 2018 12 21 12 20We work with the leading software providers in the industry. We produce outputs in the format you require. We generate orthomosaics, contours and point clouds that can be imported into your CAD or GIS applications.

Site Progress Reporting

In addition to progress reporting through photos and videos, we go one step further and assist with health and safety on construction sites. Using drones for site health and safety and inspections is unobtrusive and can capture accurate data. Unannounced site inspections let you tackle real issues, and health and safety risks can be reduced.

We are highly professional commercial drone operators and work with project teams to deliver improvements and cost savings on job sites.

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