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Underwater Drone Inspections

What is underwater inspection? 

underwater drone inspectionDrone technology is advancing rapidly and taking the human risk out of dangerous and often overlooked inspections. Underwater technology is now front and centre for attention and brings the benefits of speed and cost savings without the risk.

Regular Inspections are required as part of insurance policies and compliance; we provide the technology to keep you covered. Please don’t wait until it’s too late before you know there is a problem. Please find out how our underwater drone inspections can keep you compliant and insured.

We can quickly assess the condition of freshwater tanks, giving you peace of mind and ensuring compliance with regulatory and insurance requirements.


To complement our range of aerial drones, we have expanded into underwater drone inspection. The use of uncrewed autonomous vehicles is rapidly growing across many industries.

Deeptrekker is the industry leader in this emerging field, with its industrial-class ROVs at the top of the range. We have invested in the best ROVs available so that you can benefit from the quality service in Ireland. Let our experience and knowledge of uncrewed vehicles help you where you need it most. 

We can upload the captured images and video to an online portal for almost instant access or send them electronically. You decide what you need, and we deliver the data. 

We have invested in emerging technologies for many years and remain at the forefront of drone operations in Ireland. We provide a full-service offering, from inspection to reporting, your one-stop shop for underwater drone inspections.

What is the deepest an underwater drone can go?

For years, utility companies and local authorities have used divers and people in waders to check bridges, tanks, etc. No longer are people required to be put in harm’s way. With submersible ROVs that can go to depths of 150m – 200m, ROVs take people out of harm’s way.

Underwater Drone Inspection Advantages:

  • Cost-effective versus
  • traditional inspection methods
  • Speed of survey
  • Access via hatch
  • No need to drain tanks
  • Inspections are carried out with no downtime
  • Fire suppression systems stay online

Geneinno Titan ROV Underwater Drone InspectionsLarge tanks, such as sprinkler tanks or water storage tanks, must be inspected regularly to ensure they operate when required. This is often a requirement of insurance policies, ensuring that they work as required when needed. Emptying, inspecting, and refilling these tanks can take weeks and is, in most cases, not an option.

Fire suppression systems rely on enormous tanks of water that can be called upon at any moment. These are needed 24/7, and taking these tanks offline for weeks at a time is not an option can result in plant shutdown, loss of productivity and significant reputational damage. 

Using the latest ROV technology, we inspect these tanks quickly and safely, capture the data, and provide it online within hours.

We work with industry partners to deliver reports when needed by having experts analyse the data for you.