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Drones Surveys in Dublin

Much of the work we carry out is within Dublin City and surrounding areas. There are many opportunities for drones in these areas, but also many challenges that we help our customers overcome.

What are the challenges of working in Dublin

There are a number of significant challenges when it comes to operating drones in Dublin

  • Population Density
  • Restricted Airspace
  • Prohibited Airspace
  • Sensitive Areas
  • Special Areas of Conservation

What permissions are required to provide Drone Services in Dublin

With the introduction of the EASA Drone Regulations, there are two main categories where drone service providers operate, the Open Category and Specific Category. 

The Open Category is restricted in many parts of Dublin, some areas as low as 8m Above Ground Level, some at 30m, and some at 90m. This depends on the airspace in the area. Almost all of Dublin is covered by Dublin Control Zone (CTR), and depending on the distance from major Aerodromes, Dublin Airport, Casement etc, there are restrictions on the operating altitude.

Specific Category Operators can apply to Dublin Air Traffic Control (now AirNav Ireland) for permission to operate above these limits within the scope of their Operational Authorisation even if permission is granted in principal; it’s only the day of the flight that will determine whether ATC will allow the operation to be completed.

When operating in Controlled Airspace, Specific Category Operators must have Flight Termination Systems and Parachute Recovery Systems installed on their drones. We have an IAA Approved SORA, allowing us to operate where many competitors cannot legally. 

Dublin Airspace Restrictions

What about the drones at Dublin Airport

We will all have been aware of the stoppages that drones may have caused at Dublin Airport in the earlier part of 2023. As Specific Category Operators, we can apply to ATC for permission to fly in almost all parts of Dublin. 

What are the benefits of drone surveying services in Dublin?

Drone Surveys have many advantages, from the speed of operation to safety and taking people out of harm’s way; a drone survey can comprise a drone building inspection, a drone mapping survey, a LiDAR survey or just some aerial photos and video of a construction project. 

There are many benefits, especially in Dublin but there are also risks to be considered.

What are the risks associated with Drone Surveys?

The Irish Aviation Authority regulates drone use in Ireland, and we operate under EASA EU regulations. Drones are exceptional technology, but we must use them safely and understand there are other users of airspace we have to consider.

Drones must give way to manned aviation, and there is a good reason why use is regulated. Not only are there airspace risks but there is a risk to people on the ground. 

As licensed operators, we must perform Risk Assessments for every job we do. We have to plan and mitigate these risks, allowing us to complete the jobs for our clients safely.

What are the limitations of drone surveys in Dublin?

As you can see from the airspace map above, there are many “red” zones in and around Dublin. These include Prohibited Airspace, Military Airspace as well as some sensitive location restrictions. 

We have completed the training and operated for many years in Dublin. We have built our reputation as one of Ireland’s Leading Commercial Drone Operators, and we continually invest in the latest drone hardware and software enhancements to allow us to complete the jobs that others can’t. We also work on behalf of many organisations and collect data on their behalf, as we are trusted and proven operators.