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Aerial Drone Mapping Services

Aerial Mapping Services From the Experts

  • High Accuracy Drone Mapping Photogrammetry
  • Cost-Effective Aerial Mapping Services
  • Effective Drone Mapping For a Variety of Industries
  • Capturing You High-Quality Data
  • GDPR Compliant and Fully Insured For All Projects

What is Aerial Mapping?

Aerial mapping, or drone mapping, is the creation of maps using aerial photography images from drones for a range of applications.

Through the photogrammetry process, we can extract elevation contours and digital surface models, which detail the height and length of objects, as well as a 2D ortho-mosaic image. Ground control points provide global accuracy for the project. 

We rely on a diverse fleet of DJI drones as our primary mapping platform, complemented by a larger VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) drone for specialised projects. A drone’s capacity for repeatable missions and precision in flight make it an ideal platform for close-to-ground mapping.

Drone Surveying Mission Planning

Aerial Mapping Imagery Services For a Wide Range of Industries

We guarantee that our drone services can provide absolute accuracy and a thorough digital representation of your project. Some of the projects that aerial mapping can assist with are:

and more.

If you would like to talk about a specific project, please contact us!

Aerial Mapping Nadir Capture Screenshot

End-to-End Mapping Solutions - Giving You the Data That You Need

Using our drone mapping software, we provide an up-to-date map with real-time information on the state of the surrounding areas. These base maps are imported as layers into CAD tools such as AutoCAD or Civil 3D, and drawings can be overlaid onto them.

Our Aerial Mapping Service Process

Drone Photogrammetry Software and 3D Modelling Software

The aerial mapping process takes the output of hundreds of high-resolution aerial images, which are then merged into one large image using common points within the images. A point cloud generated by the data captured is the basis for all outputs. We can also create high-resolution 3D models from the same datasets.

Image Processing

Post-processing of the images happens offline in the office. Software stitches the photos gathered by the aerial mapping mission. We input the coordinates of the GCPs and checkpoints to verify the accuracy of the process.

GDPR Compliant Image Production

We do not use cloud processing and keep all your data secure. We comply fully with GDPR amendments and can complete a lidar aerial mapping mission in GDPR-sensitive areas to eliminate compliance uncertainty.

Safe Image Storage and Transfer

Output files can be large, often a few gigabytes, depending on the number of images captured. We manage the storage and transfer of the data to the client, and we can host them if required for repeated access.

Customised Online Hosted Maps

Aerial Map with property and services overlayed

Our hosted aerial mapping platform delivers the additional benefit of seeing a timeline of events. Date-stamped maps allow you to see the progression and change throughout the project, which clearly demonstrates the progress of the client and partners in the project.

We can overlay underground services, boundaries, property layouts, roads, etc., on the maps, which can be turned on and off at the click of a button.

These are easily shared and accessible on-site from our dedicated cloud servers. We will discuss this with you and can host the maps as required.

Aerial Mapping by Industry Leading Professionals

Drone Services Ireland provides customers with a safer and more cost-effective way than traditional methods of carrying out tricky tasks in commercial environments. We provide accurate measurements using industry-leading drone technology and software to provide our clients with the best service in aerial mapping.

In addition, we maintain comprehensive insurance coverage and have extensive experience delivering tailored services to our clients. Our team of professionals is well-equipped to offer expert guidance and support across a wide variety of project types.

Aerial mapping is the use of drones, satellites, aircraft, and other aerial platforms to capture imagery for the purpose of creating detailed maps. Using high-resolution cameras mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV mapping), aerial mapping can provide detailed imagery with a greater level of accuracy than satellite imaging. This type of mapping can be used for a variety of purposes, including surveying land, monitoring construction sites, and analysing environmental conditions.

Aerial surveying and mapping are used in many areas, from land surveying and boundary disputes to construction progress monitoring and reporting.

Having the level of detail that aerial maps can reveal allows for better planning and execution of projects. Considerable time and cost savings can be made when you have accurate data to help with decision-making.

Drone mapping generates digital elevation models, which are essential for projects and planning. Knowing where the slopes on a site are, the steepness, and hazardous areas are all contained within the data gathered.

The pricing of our services will depend on what you require from us. If it’s an ongoing project, we will factor the cost of hosting maps for you into the overall project price. If it’s a one-off project, we can provide a price for hosting or deliver the outputs for you to host on your web server.

We have spent hundreds of hours researching and are constantly perfecting the processes to capture and process the data to give a consistent output. There is always more to learn, and our procedures will evolve as technology advances.

Our drone aerial mapping is incredibly accurate. UAVs are equipped with the latest GPS technology that can accurately record and map geographical features with a precision of centimetres. This makes aerial mapping an invaluable tool for environmental surveying, construction progress reporting, architecture surveying, golf course mapping and other applications where precise measurements are needed. Our drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras, ensuring that our maps are incredibly detailed and accurate.

The time it takes will depend on the site’s location, the area’s size, and, obviously, the weather. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is beyond our control, but we always aim to complete projects within two weeks of being given the go-ahead. This is always subject to weather conditions, and in some limited situations, airspace clearance can take longer than normal.

Many factors are essential to take into account when creating aerial maps. The light, speed of drone travel, wind direction and weather, area size and ground sampling distance (GSD) required, and flight plan direction are some critical considerations. We have completed hundreds of drone flights and aerial maps and are always learning, allowing us to develop even better workflows.

We use industry-leading tools, with terrain following, to allow us to complete the most complex missions. The screenshot below covered over 110km of flight across a site with an elevation change of over 160m from high to low. The drone follows the earth’s contour and maintains a consistent height over the survey area, producing sharper images and better raw data with a consistent GSD. We pride ourselves on capturing the best possible data.

UAV mapping, also referred to as drone mapping, is a type of aerial mapping that uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with sensors and cameras to capture imagery for the purpose of creating detailed maps. UAV mapping produces high-resolution images that can be used for surveying land, monitoring construction sites, and analysing environmental conditions.