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How Much Time Can a Drone Survey Save?
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What is drone consultancy, and what do they do?

We provide independent drone consultancy and support on all things drone-related.

This covers a broad and varied spectrum as this sector is still in its infancy for many. We have years of experience and partner with some of the leading drone experts in Ireland to provide you with all the information.

Drone technology is rapidly changing, and more industries are beginning to see the value of drones worldwide. We are commercial drone operators and want our experience and knowledge to help you. Our drone pilots have years of experience completing complex drone operations, and we specialise in operating in Dublin City, which has many challenges for drone operators.

As drone technology evolves, so do counter-drone solutions. Businesses and people require counter-drone technology for many reasons, from privacy to safety. We advise on the options and ensure we keep up to date with the latest developments in counter-drone technology.

From sensors to safety management, our drone consultancy services can advise you on which training or products your business needs.

Optimising Drone Implementation in Your Business

Implementing drones in your business involves considering several key factors. Modern drones capture high-resolution images, creating large data sets that require effective management and GDPR compliance. The intelligence lies in the sensors, not the drones themselves, and optimising their output is crucial.

Councils and Local Authorities, Gardai, and Fire & Ambulance can benefit from drone technology. By improving services and aiding decision-making, drones can reduce state agencies’ costs. Drones also play a growing role in Search and Rescue, and many organisations and state agencies are now implementing drones. This needs to be done in a managed way as manned aviation is often involved in these operations. We work with such organisations to provide them with the advice they need.

We also have many private clients who know drones can help them but may not fully understand how. That is where we come in. We work with these companies to leverage the right technology for their business and provide the full spectrum of support and advice for an end-to-end solution.

Getting a drone in the air is easy; the real benefits are in using drone data.

Drones in Construction

Services We Provide

We assess the technical and safety abilities a drone needs to achieve results for your business. There are many different types of drones, each with there strengths and weaknesses, and obviously budgetary requirements. Thousands of drones models are currently on the market, with more coming on-stream every week.

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Investment Assessment

Evaluate the technical and safety capabilities of drones to ensure they meet your business objectives.

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Technology Selection

Advise on the best drone technology, considering the variety of available models and budgetary constraints.

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Implementation Support

Assist in deploying your drone technology effectively to achieve desired results.

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Training Identification

Determine the necessary training for your team to operate drones safely and legally.

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Counter-Drone Solutions

Provide guidance on counter-drone technology for privacy and security.

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Initial Consultation

Conduct an initial phone call or email to assess needs, followed by an on-site meeting to discuss detailed requirements.

Our Background

We are EASA and IAA Approved Specific Operations Permit holders. We carry €13 million of public liability insurance for drone operations. We operate some of the leading drone equipment on the market, and have flown some of the most valuable sensors currently available. 

  • We are independent of any hardware or software vendor.

  • We do not sell hardware or software.

  • We are not affiliated with any Registered Training Facilities

  • We advise based on what will work best for your business and needs.

We are members of the UAAI, the Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland, and Irelands first pre-checked Pro Members of Drone Safe Register. Current Chair holder on the IPDPA, the Irish Professional Drone Pilots Association.

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