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Drone Golf Course Mapping

Our specialised Aerial Mapping service tailored for Golf courses. Detailed mapping offers crucial insights, from slope directions to drainage patterns, aiding in course management and enhancement. Elevate your course with 3D flythroughs of each hole or individual videos.

This service caters directly to golf course owners and management, delivering high-resolution imagery and elevation contour data. Optimise green elevation and pin placements for both regular play and tournaments with precision.

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3D Models and Virtual Reality Experiences

3D models of the whole course can be generated, allowing fly-throughs of the virtual course. Unlike most of the jobs we take on, we can offer fixed pricing on 18-hole golf courses.

We can do this as golf courses they are generally similar in size. The area we map is larger than the course to ensure we capture all boundaries, but this does not significantly affect our process.

Customised Golf Course Mapping

Generate custom maps of your course, add detail such as pin placement, tee markers and distances to your interactive map and share this data with golfers to enhance their experience of your course.

Printed Maps

Would you like your map printed? We work with leading printers of large-format posters to offer this as a service to you. Let us know if you want to see your course on the wall of your clubhouse.

If you want a high-resolution map of your course for a set fee, please get in touch with us by emailing us now.

Hosted maps have the additional benefit of seeing a timeline of events. Dated maps allow you to see the progression and change through the project, effectively demonstrating the progress to the client. We will discuss this with you and can host the maps as required.

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