Drone Aerial Inspection

We specialise in drone inspection services for commercial and industrial sectors. Aerial Inspections and safer, faster, and save you money compared to traditional survey methods. We regularly perform drone inspections in Dublin-controlled airspace and other restricted airspaces around the country. This requires Air Traffic Control clearance. However, we take care of the permissions, so you don’t have to.

High-value assets such as wind turbines, electrical pylons or mobile phone towers are all difficult and extremely dangerous to inspect. By leveraging technological advances, high-resolution digital cameras with zoom lenses or thermal imaging capable cameras where appropriate, these tasks can be done to a very high standard in a fraction of the time without putting people at risk. 

Our aerial inspection data capture provides actionable data. Once the mission is adequately planned and safely executed, drones can be highly beneficial and efficient in once-time-consuming tasks.

Assets utilising drone industrial inspection technology:

  • Wind Turbines
  • Mobile Phone Masts
  • Electrical Pylons and High Voltage utility drone inspection
  • Bridges
  • Cathedrals
  • Industrial Plants
  • Asset Construction documentation
  • Oil and Gas drone inspection

The benefits of using aerial drone inspection:

  • Inspection ofDrone Aerial Inspection of Wind Turbine inaccessible areas
  • Cost-effective and speed of survey
  • Multiple cameras and sensor payload options
  • Optimise Production workflows
  • Reduced health and safety risks by taking works out of hazardous environments
  • Fast deployment and inspection turn-around
  • Qualified UAV-inspection specialists
  • Reduces downtime through preventive maintenance

We can also create a map or 3D model of the inspected asset.

This allows you to view and inspect the asset at your convenience, allowing you to move around the object or zoom in and out as needed. Viewing a whole plant or site, along with the primary assets, in 3D gives a completely new perspective and brings the scale of the operation into sharp focus.

Drone Bridge InspectionBetter equipment maintenance planning through regular visual inspection reduces outages and downtime and allows for a more streamlined operation. 

This is critical to facility management and health and safety in these dangerous environments. 

Drone Inspections are the future of inspection work, and Drone Services Ireland is leading the way in providing you with this access and service through our custom solutions. Our inspection team can tailor a regular visual inspection survey to your needs if you have a small plant or a vast site.

The most important part of any aerial inspection mission is planning. Knowing what you have to inspect, its surroundings, obstructions or powerlines can all cause the mission to be aborted. This is done before we get to the site and when onsite to ensure our plans are valid or see if adjustments need to be made.

Data capture is vital, and if the planning is wrong, the data capture is generally wrong and won’t give the required results. We use tried and tested methodology to capture the vital information you require accurately.

Our highly skilled and certified drone pilots conduct the drone inspection using state-of-the-art equipment. We constantly update our fleet so you can take advantage of the developments in the drone industry.

Drone Commercial Roof Inspection damageAt Drone Services Ireland, we only undertake missions if they can be completed safely without putting people or property at risk.

We are fully insured and licensed by EASA and the Irish Aviation Authority for drone operations. We are also Safe Pass holders, manual handing and working at heights certificate holders.

An initial phone call or email will allow us to decide on the best way forward; this will likely be an on-site meeting to discuss your drone inspection requirements thoroughly.

Experienced Operators in Complex Environments

Performing a drone inspection in Dublin is complex by the nature of the environment but also often requires Air Traffic Control permission. Most urban areas bring there own challenges in terms of congestion and data privacy. We take care of the regulatory compliance for you.

What is the best inspection drone?

The best drone depends on what is being inspected. A certain drone for one job, might not be suitable for the next one. A drone for building inspection, may not be the same as the drone for telecommunication towers. We use drones of all types, from small drones for specific tasks to our largest, M300 with a very high-powered optical zoom camera.

How much does a drone roof inspection cost?

There is no set price, it depends on many factors. We always price fairly and competitively but factors such as location, airspace, air and ground risk all come into the equation. We have to weigh all these things up. We will perform and initial risk-assessment and give you a price. We are confident in what we deliver to our clients is of the highest standard possible in the safest manner.

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