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Aerial roof inspections allow quicker and safer inspections of hard to reach or restricted access buildings. Scaffolding and cherry pickers are expensive and often can't reach the affected area to be inspected due to obstructions, drones can safely show visible damage to structures without putting people at risk.

Digital Aerial Photography is the most common use drones. Stunning high resolution aerial imagery give you a whole new view. We provide professional edited images as standard so you get the very best image. Contact us for a free quotation and we would be happy to discuss your requirements ​​​​​​​

Aerial mapping using drones can have a huge benefit for many industries. If you need a high resolution view of a site, or the ability to export to GIS software to display contours, elevations or measurements, we capture the data you need. Aerial maps take the risk out of surveying dangerous and inaccessible areas.


Industrial inspection of assets is an essential requirement for many reasons. To ensure it is operating efficiently and to ensure there are no safety issues, drones can do the job faster and safer than ever before. No more hanging from an electricity pole or being hooked to the side of a wind turbine, drones provide the imagery and record of each asset.

Construction sites are dangerous places, heavy machinery constantly moving, people on the ground interacting with plant machinery is highly dangerous. Drones can eliminate many of these interactions and provide highly accurate results in less time than traditional methods leading to delivery improvements and cost savings.

Organisations need  to consider how drones can benefit there business. From construction to sports, the aerial aspect that drones bring can have great uses. Drones safety needs to be strongly considered and thats where our consultancy service can help. From safety and training advice to buying the right drone for your needs, we give you the answers.

Drone Services Ireland know how to help you get the best out of your investment. From high resolution digital aerial photography and video, to survey and land mapping, we use the latest in drone technology, in combination with software products from the industry leading companies, we can produce the output that you need. We use optimised flight plans enabling us to gather the best possible datasets for 3D models or land mapping. To provide you with accurate data, ground control points are measured and surveyed with high precision GPS and these coordinates are input into the maps to create scale and accuracy. We provide many aerial services and are IAA SOP holders and insured for drone operations.

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