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We are Irish Aviation Authority approved operators and fully insured for drone operations in Ireland.

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The very latest in drone and ROV technology for your benefit.

Specialist Drone Services

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Professional Drone Services - Aerial  Surveys and Mapping, Roof and Building Inspections, now including Underwater Inspections

Safer, faster, cost-effective results.


Our knowledge, skill and experience will save you time and money.


Aerial Mapping specialists, Drone Roof and Building Inspections and Construction progress reporting


We now provide underwater inspections with our new fleet of ROV's


Our unique, innovatitive services and best-practices benefit you.


Drones as a Service for your business


Do you have a high or inaccessible roof that needs to be inspected?


Drone roof inspections allow faster, safer and cost-effective inspections of hard to reach or restricted access buildings, sites or structures.


Using the latest cutting edge technology and 200X zoom cameras, our DJI drones can inspect all areas of the roof and building and provide the highest quality information available in Ireland today. Upward facing cameras allow us to see under overhangs and soffits. 


Using a drone can often negate the need for dangerous ladders or expensive scaffolding, which can run to many thousands of euro just to put up. This do not include possible permits or road and street closure applications.


No matter how big or small your roof is, your first step is an aerial roof inspection.



Construction Progress reporting is now vital to any project, on large or small job sites.


Covid-19 has made this more evident than ever. Using drones can keep non-essential workers off the site.


Real-time private live streams allow project managers see exactly whats happening on-site.

Ensure all aspects of the project are kept on-time, and on-budget, giving project managers more accurate data and allowing an overall view of the site. 


Large projects can often span hundreds or thousands of acres; having up-to-date, and date-stamped aerial maps of the whole site, allows for easy progress reporting.


Get fixed-price drone construction reporting, based on the expected length of your project. We output high-resolution aerial photography images, 4K video if clients have supporting hardware and our unique aerial progress maps.


Improve safety management and increase efficiency with real-time updates of progress, site maps, volumes, elevations and even construction traffic flows. We always deliver high quality results.


We also provide fixed time-lapse cameras to capture the project from start to end and we monitor and manage these cameras for you.


Aerial mapping and surveying provide up-to-date information for your site, in extremely high detail, faster and less expensive than traditional methods.

Many people look to google maps when they want to find out about a location or site. It has some very useful tools, however, it also has its limitations. Drone surveys can solve this problem.

The aerial survey maps we create are very high-resolution. We use highly accurate ground control points to ensure accuracy. We can create a map, where every pixel on your screen represents 1cm on the ground. What you see on Google maps, is about 50cm per pixel.

Aerial maps have many uses, from determining land boundaries, flood plane evaluation, planning application and drainage considerations for example.

We use the latest in drone mapping software to provide you with the outputs you need for your applications.

Digital elevation models, such as the one in the image to the left, of a quarry, show differences in terrain elevations, which allow engineers, consultants and architects to plan with increased accuracy due to more data and accurate data.

We are one of the top aerial survey companies in Ireland

Call us today to find out more about our bespoke drone mapping solutions.

If you have invested in expensive assets such as mobile phone towers, wind turbines or solar farms, you want to make sure your investment is performing as expected.

We use drone technology to deliver you savings and ensure they you are getting the most from your assets. For planning of new assets on a tower, 3D models can be generated and exported to allow it to be modelled on custom software packages, ensuring there is sufficient space and clearance between different antennae to prevent conflict and incompatibility at the planning phase. Drones can also be used for line-of-sight testing between towers at specific heights.

We can capture more information about an asset and using various payloads, we can get the data you need to know. 

We provide impartial advise on all aspects of drone technology. From hardware, software, safety and training, we are not affiliated with any brands or vendors, to give you the right information.

Drone technology has many uses in many sectors and businesses. Talk to us today to see how it may benefit your business or solve a problem you may not even know you have. 

We are passionate about drones and this rapidly expanding and changing industry and we want you to benefit from our knowledge and experience as commercial drone operators and consultants

We are the premier Drone Consultants in Ireland.

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