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Why are our surveys more expensive than some other operators?

Recent regulation changes have significantly impacted how some drone operators complete or should be completing their missions. What was possible in the past may not be possible now under their current approvals.

Regulators are clamping down more on illegal drone operations that put people at risk. There have been some high-profile examples of this, including prosecution, published on social media platforms by the IAA in Ireland.
We have gone the extra mile to attain a Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA), which allows us to operate where others cannot.


EASA Specific Category Operational Volume

Many factors and significant planning are involved in drone surveying. We operate safely and only take on jobs we know we can complete in compliance with our approved operations manual.

We use the latest aerial survey equipment to provide the highest-quality data deliverables. The data we collect is of the highest quality and at a resolution that most operators cannot compete with.

Another reason we seem more expensive is that we process the data ourselves.
Many drone operators leverage cloud processing services and send the client the outputs. There are significant drawbacks to many of these services; some even have GDPR implications. 

We manually process and verify the data through our established workflows to ensure we deliver quality, accurate data. We process on a local network with secure storage. This approach gives us complete control over the processing workflow and allows us to stand over the results we provide. 

We do not use cloud-based data processing; We have complete end-to-end control over the deliverables.

We price each job fairly and are happy to talk with you if you get a cheaper quote. We do offer discounts for ongoing work or for repeat customers. We are highly professional drone operators and hold an EASA Specific Category SORA, which allows us to complete more complex projects that others may not be able to do legally.

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