Drone Aerial Traffic Monitoring

One of the lesser thought of but rapidly growing uses of drones is traffic management and traffic flow optimisation. 

The ability of drones to give a unique aerial perspective changes how traffic can be managed. There data collection ability, sets them apart from traditional techniques. Drones operating at height, can give a much wider visualisation of traffic problems.

Being able to see how people interact with the expected traffic flow, allows new data to be captured to influence decisions. Parking areas and parking spaces can be optimised to allow for the maximum capacity while not over fulfilling. This is not a new activity; it is usually done from CCTV feeds. But what if there is no CCTV in an area, or the camera is too low to give a complete overview.

Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones can go higher and capture more area, giving a complete picture. A whole parking lot can be mapped, which can include points of ingress and egress. We can also see beyond the points of entry and exit, so see if external factors, such as traffic lights or junctions are affecting your clients. Combining an aerial map of a car park, with real-time images and video, combined with analytics software gives a complete solution. 

Drone traffic monitoring is quickly becoming the go-to solution for car park optimisation.

  • High-resolution Aerial Images
  • Ultra clear 4K video
  • Hyperlapse and Timelapse videos
  • Large volumes of data collection covering multiple angles
Drone Services Ireland recently completed a traffic flow survey in Galway. The picture above is an image taken on the morning. It was the single largest drone operation to be completed in the Republic of Ireland to this point. Due to specific requirements from the client, 7 drones were operated simultaneously at various points around the city. This took many weeks of planning and co-ordinating with the client, but was completed successfully with no issues.

By combining drone data with the latest software in the field, valuable information and analytics can be gathered. We can show you percentage of cars versus trucks or vans and peak bottleneck times. This can help determine if layout is optimal or are there pain points affecting customers and clients.

We use a number of software packages for different analytics and combining these gives us extra capability. We recently completed the largest single drone operation in the Republic of Ireland. We were engaged to record traffic flows at peak traffic time in and around Galway City. This required seven simultaneous drones to be recording traffic during that period at locations across the city. 

We successfully completed this mission, with no incident and provided time stamped 4K footage to our client. This took considerable planning, from a safety and weather point of view, as we had a specific time slot to complete the mission in.
If you want to improve the customer experience, increase the flow rate in car parks or drop-off points we can help.