Architectural Drone Services

How can drones be used in Architecture?

Drone provide a unique aerial view that provides spacial awareness and relativity to planning and design. An elevated view from specific height can give an indication of views and obstructions, allowing for designs to be altered pre-submission. 


  • Specific altitude panorama surveys
  • Line of Sight inspections up to approx 15km
  • CGI images – ground and aerial 
  • Aerial Mapping of entire site as surface for drawings
  • Impact analysis surveys and assessments
  • Conservation inspections with no building impact
  • 3D model of base surface to overlay projects on

Our optical zoom cameras allow us to capture minute details from a safe distance on conservation projects. No scaffolding is required meaning the risk to the building or structure is minimised. High-resolution aerial images are gathered as evidence and assist with documenting defects and the current state of structure. 

3D models can further enhance the visualisation, allowing a fully interactive vision of objects from the comfort of your office. 

As licensed operators, we provide these services in almost every part of the country. We work out a risk assessment to allow us to safely complete the task and deliver the data you need. We take care of all the compliance, planning, risk-assessments, communication with 3rd parties and government agencies so you don’t have to.