ROV Underwater Inspections

Underwater Drone Inspections

Drone technology is advancing rapidly and taking the human risk out of dangerous overlooked inspections. Underwater technology is now front and centre for attention and brings the benefits of speed and cost savings, without the risk

Inspections are required as part of insurance policies, we provide the technology to keep you covered.

ROV Inspection advantages:

  • Cost effective versus traditional inspection methods
  • Speed of survey
  • Access via hatch
  • No need to drain tanks
  • Inspections carried out with no downtime
  • Fire supression systems stay online 

Large sprinkler tanks or water storage need to be inspected regularly to ensure they will operate when required. Emptying these tanks, inspecting them and refilling can take weeks and in most cases is not an option.

Fire suppression systems rely on large tanks of water that can be called upon at any moment. These are needed 24/7 and taking these tanks offline for weeks at a time is not an option. Using the latest in ROV technology, we can inspect these tanks very quickly, capture the data and provide it online within hours. The data can then be analysed to see if further action is required.