Custom Drone Solutions

Drones and UAV’s are not just your typical quadcopter, they have literally thousands of uses are offer unrivaled flexibility. We specialise in providing custom soltutions, tailored for your needs.

Whatever your requirements, we discuss, analyse, test, build, test again, and demonstrate how drone technology can be adapted to fix your bespoke requirements. We have numerous projects which we are currently working on where it is either the first implementation of a scenario in Ireland, or developing a solution that has never been used anywhere in the world. We are eager to demonstrate the potential uses of drone technology, and will work with you in providing a proof of concept of how the technology can solve a problem or meet your needs within the current and future UAV guidelines. 

Custom Solutions with

  • Multirotor UAV
  • Fixed wing
  • Scale Helicopters

Each type of craft has its strengths so this is part of the decision process where we develop the right solution for your requirements.