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Drones Construction Services


At Drone Services Ireland, we provide the Aerial Services for your business. We take care of the compliance, safety and regulatory requirements to provide you with the aerial data you need.

Engaging an aerial service provider is proven to increase efficiency, safety on site and  keep projects on track and in many cases ahead of schedule through efficiencies in surveying over traditional methods.

Some of the services we provide for construction companies include: 

  • Progress reporting - Video and Images
  • Site mapping
  • Aerial Survey
  • Custom hosted maps with date stamp and Points of Interest annotations
  • Health and Safety audits 
  • Site security assessment - see from the air what isn't obvious from the ground.

Progress Reporting

    We gather aerial footage in 4K and high-resolution images, which can be hosted or transferred to the client at any time. This gives and instant unique perspective of the site. The hosting is online, via password protection with private URL. We value our clients privacy and ensure we are GDPR compliant. 

Site Mapping

    The Aerial Mapping process involves capturing a series of images in a grid pattern to cover the extents of the site. We the post-process these images and "stitch" them into one large map of the site. This can be transferred to the client or hosted. We can also date stamp and customise these maps to show the site progress over time.

Aerial Survey

    Using drone technology to supplement andspeed up traditional surveying. Gathering the actionable data needed, from stockpiles or calculating material removal quantities from site is now faster and safer as all data is gathered without shutting down the site or putting surveyors in harms way on-site

Health and Safety Audits

    Using drones, we record site activity during normal operations. There are many benefits to this in improving site safety and reducing hazards and accidents. 

  • Aerial perspective allows you easily see whats not obvious from the ground
  • No disruption to site - audit is done during full activity
  • Capture "real" activity on site - not pre-warned inspections
  • Reduces risk to safety officers by not having them in harms way

Site Security Audits

    An often overlooked aspect when sites are being setup is the safety of the equipment. By conducting an aerial site security assessment, you can see weak points of entry or external surrounding vulnerabilities that can lead to theft or damage on-site. 

Check out our blog posts for more information on drones in construction.

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