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Aerial Mapping / Drone Mapping

Flight Planning Process

Post Processing point cloud

What is Aerial Mapping, or drone mapping as its commonly called?

Aerial mapping or drone mapping, in simple terms, is the creation of maps using images from drones. These include elevation contours and features extracted from an orthomosaic.

Aerial maps can be used in many areas from land surveying to construction progress. Having the level of detail that aerial maps can reveal, allows for better planning and execute of projects.

There are many factors that are important to take into account when creating aerial maps. The light, speed of drone travel, wind direction and weather, size of area and Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) required and flight path direction are some of the key considerations. We have completed many aerial maps, and there are always learnings, allowing us to develop even better workflows. 

The aerial mapping process takes the output of many hundreds of high-resolution images. These are then merged into one large image using common points within the images.

Post-processing of the images happens offline in the office. Software stitches the images gathered by the aerial mapping mission. We input the coordinates of the GCP's to increase the accuracy of the process.

We use multiple mission planning apps, each with there strengths and weaknesses, to capture the best most accurate data.

We have spent hundreds of hours researching and are constantly perfecting the processes to capture and process the data to give a consistent output. 

We can export to industry standard tools such as ArcGIS or AutoCAD. Output files can be a few Gigabytes, depending on the number of images captured. We manage the storage and transfer of the data to the client. We can host them if required for repeated access.

Hosted maps have the additional benefit of being able to see a timeline of events. Date stamped maps, allow you to see the progression and change through the project. It is an effective way to demonstrate the progress to the client. We are happy to discuss this with you, and we can host the maps as required.

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2D Orthomosaics, Contours & Maps

  • Geo-referenced high-resolution aerial maps
  • Pixel level detail using the best cameras
  • Detailed topographic contour lines and TIN
  • Compatible with CAD and GIS Applications

Digital Surface & Terrain Models

  • Elevation values for each point
  • High density elevation data in any datum
  • Integration with existing GIS workflow

Sample hosted map:  

Custom pins and markers if required