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Aerial Mapping

Aerial mapping or drone mapping, in simple terms, is the creation of maps. These include elevation contours and features extracted from an orthomosaic.

Post-processing of the images happens offline in the office. Software stitches the images gathered by the aerial mapping mission. We input the coordinates of the GCP's to increase the accuracy of the process.

The aerial mapping process takes the output of many hundreds of high-resolution images. These are then merged into one large image using common points within the images.

Many factors can affect the aerial mapping process. We have developed a tried and tested method of producing quality orthomosaics. The survey area, obstructions, required GSD and weather all influence the outcome of the map.

We have spent hundreds of hours researching and perfecting the processes to capture the data to give a consistent output. 

We can export to industry standard tools such as ArcGIS or AutoCAD. Output files can be a few Gigabytes, depending on the number of images captured. We manage the storage and transfer of the data to the client. We can host them if required for repeated access.

Hosted maps have the additional benefit of being able to see a timeline of events. Dated maps, allow you to see the progression and change through the project. It is an effective way to demonstrate the progress to the client. We are happy to discuss this with you, and we can host the maps as required.

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