3D Models from Drone Aerial Images

The development in recent years of drone technology and software applications have lead to huge advances in how we see and interact with objects. 3D models have changed all that, the speed and accuracy adds so much to a project.

Drone Services Ireland use specifically developed techniques and flight patterns, in combination with optimal camera settings to capture the highest detail. We generate very high-resolution models as a result. Using the industry leading software applications, such as Pix4D, Agisoft Metashape, Reality Capture, Propeller Aero, allows us to run multiple models and determine the best output.

Multiple flights, nadir, oblique and point of interest all combine to create a high quality photo realistic model.

Extensive planning for the flight and capture of the imagery is required. A site survey and safety assessment is required as part of the IAA regulations.  This also benefits the mapping process. These safety procedures assist in gathering the images from optimal angles to help recreate the model in processing.

The construction planning process has benefited hugely from these advances. When you can see and experience a project in 3D.  It transforms your prospective on the process. We work with companies to give them this prospective and leverage to get the best from there own business.

We are also able to generate base terrain maps and insert planned structures into the model to see how it sits and interacts with the environment before its submitted for planning.

If you are interested in these services or any subset of them, get in contact and we will deliver whatever you require.

Check out some more of our models here.